Doing Culture Right: 10 x Playbooks For Startup People Leaders

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10 x Essential Culture Playbooks For Startup People Leaders

Save yourself 100's of hours of preparation, planning and workshop design.

Elevate your leadership and culture-building skills with a comprehensive collection of culture playbooks designed for startup people leaders.

Whether you're a founder committed to intentionally designing your ways of working for operational excellence or a People Leader looking to accelerate your culture-building journey and upskill facilitation skills, this is your blueprint for speed and success.

About the authors

John Faulkner-Willcocks & Adam Horne are the founders of and have worked with over 100 startup leadership teams to help design and embed culture change. This is a consolidation of their 25+ years of experience company-building with a 'transparency-first' mindset.

What is it?

A meticulously crafted series of 10 x culture playbooks built in Notion, ready to deploy with facilitation guidance, comms templates, and post-workshop tools for tracking & embedding culture change.

Who is it for?

  • Time Poor People Leaders: Looking to accelerate their ability to plan & deliver effective workshops.
  • First Time Head of Peoples: Looking to upskill their company-building craft.
  • Founders: Committed to establishing a positive, productive startup culture from the ground up.

What's the community saying?

What's in the box?

A collection of 10 culture playbooks:

🏕️ Building A People Manager Community Of Practice From Scratch

🪂 We F*cked Up. Now What?

🚦 Team Health Checks: An Alternative To Survey Fatigue

🧘‍♀️ How To Set Effective Boundaries For You And Your People Team

🧩 Team Offsite: Culture Co-Creation

⚡ You Know What Needs To Be Done. Here’s How You Get Heard.

🔮 Creating Clarity With Documentation: Your Transparency Charter

🧠 Not Seeing The Behaviours You Want? Here’s How To Reset

👊 Working Through Conflict: 3 Scenario Based Toolkits

🦞 Creating A Feedback Culture That Sticks

Each playbook features:

  • Notion template with a detailed facilitation guide.
  • Pre-workshop comms templates for Slack/Email.
  • Target outcomes, timeframe, and an embedding guide to ensure lasting impact.
  • Tracker for follow-ups and progress.

You also get:

👉 1 x free 30min coaching call to help you tailor to your specific context.

Got questions?

Email John at or say hi on LinkedIn / Twitter


Can I share this with my team?

This is intended for individual use only, but if you are tight on L&D budget and want to share with your immediate team, please do.

Does purchase include lifetime access to future updates to playbooks?


How do I join the Open Org Slack Community?

👉 You can apply here and join 192 other startup culture builders.

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Doing Culture Right: 10 x Playbooks For Startup People Leaders

26 ratings
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